The shore is narrow

  • Area Usable
    121.42 м2
  • Capacity
    491.55 м3
  • EUCO
    0 м2
  • Min Area Width
    0 м2
  • Roof angle
  • Number of rooms
  • Building height
    8.7 м
  • Area Construction
    90.2 м2
  • Area Roof
    192.97 м2
  • Garage
    0 м2

Description of the object

The Brzeg narrow dw project is the perfect proposal for a comfortable home designed for a narrow plot. It has been designed in wooden technology with the use of amphibians, making it an excellent choice for people who care about short implementation. Other advantages of wooden houses are, among others, excellent insulation parameters - in the winter they heat up quickly and maintain the temperature, and in the summer they create a pleasant microclimate inside. The external appearance of the house refers to the traditional style, and the decorative front roof supported by elegant pillars gives it the charm characteristic of the old Polish manor houses. The Brzeg narrow dw project is a one-storey house with an attic, thanks to which we can afford a completely comfortable area even on a small plot. The big advantage of the design are the rooms with a regular shape, thanks to which they are very regular and thus easy to finish and arrange later. The layout planned inside is simple and at the same time very functional. The center of family life is a spacious day zone consisting of a living room and dining room. The area of this zone is really big, which favors the organization of events and the free play of children. Open kitchen is a modern solution, allowing direct contact with guests and other household members. When preparing meals, parents can help children doing homework at the same time. In addition, on the ground floor the author provided a comfortable bathroom and a comfortable bedroom. It is an ideal solution when you want to finish the attic at a later time and when the house is inhabited by older people. Attic has been equipped with four bedrooms and a bathroom. The number of rooms makes the Brzeg wąski dw project an excellent proposition for a 5-7-person family. Followers of spending time outdoors will certainly satisfy the terrace at the back of the house. It has been fully roofed, so we can organize a family barbecue without worrying about sudden rainfall. The Brzeg narrow-d project is characterized by an extremely attractive external appearance. Due to the technology of wooden logs, the most charm will come out surrounded by greenery.

Floor plan design Brzeg wąski dw - Ground floor projection

  • 1 vestibule
    6,18 m2
  • 2 boiler room
    5,92 m2
  • 3 bathroom
    6,55 m2
  • 4 rooms
    12,99 m2
  • 5 living room + stairs
    35,41 m2
  • 6 kitchen
    9,33 m2
  • together
    76,38 m2

Floor plan design Brzeg wąski dw - Projection of the attic

  • 1 hall + stairs
    7,3 m2
  • 2 rooms
    11,01 m2
  • 3 rooms
    13,23 m2
  • 4 bathroom
    8,36 m2
  • 5 room
    13,12 m2
  • 6 room
    13,36 m2
  • together
    66,38 m2

Graphic view of the house from all sides


Location of the house on the plot

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