• Area Usable
    165.36 м2
  • Capacity
    1 м3
  • EUCO
    29.5 м2
  • Min Area Width
    24.02 м2
  • Roof angle
  • Number of rooms
  • Building height
    7.58 м
  • Area Construction
    248.8 м2
  • Area Roof
    313 м2
  • Garage
    0 м2

Description of the object

Dom HomeKoncept-26 is a one-storey building with an original and bold shape with a spacious garage. In addition to simple and contemporary design, you can not overlook its spacious and thoughtful interior just right for a family of five. The house undoubtedly stands out from other projects. Its façade, which is a combination of concrete and wood, was broken with large windows, giving the whole a unique character. Most of the walls of the living room have been glazed, providing a constant source of natural light and additionally enriching the room with a view of the beautiful garden. Its large space was combined with an open kitchen and its associated pantry. You can not forget about the spectacular terrace, which in summer will become the perfect place to rest and meet friends. Four large bedrooms, being a private zone of residents, are accessible from the side corridor in the interior of the house. A bathroom is planned between the rooms with a niche for the washing machine and a spacious wardrobe, adapted to the building. At the entrance to the house, a vestibule and a dressing room are planned, an ideal place for outer garments, from which you enter a spacious garage and utility room with separate exit from the garden. The biggest and most notable advantage of the HomeKoncept-26 home is its unusual appearance, which primarily creates a terrace covered with entablature and entrance to the house, as well as an unconventional combination of materials on the façade. The interior itself is also very interesting. They were clearly divided into two zones and complemented with comfortable solutions and modern concepts, such as the varied shape and size of the window.

Floor plan project HomeKoncept-26 - Ground floor plan

  • 1 vestibule
    3,9 m2
  • 2 wardrobe
    3,7 m2
  • 3 pantry
    1,6 m2
  • 4 kitchen
    15,1 m2
  • 5 living room + dining room
    43,4 m2
  • 6 wc
    1,9 m2
  • 7 wardrobe
    4,8 m2
  • 8 rooms
    11,1 m2
  • 9th room
    16,1 m2
  • 10 rooms
    15,9 m2
  • 11 bathroom
    10,2 m2
  • 12th room
    14,8 m2
  • 13 pom. business
    3,6 m2
  • 14 boiler room + utility business
    4,6 m2
  • 15 corridor
    14,7 m2
  • 16 garage two hundred.
    35,7 m2
  • 17 terrace
    35,5 m2
  • together
    201,1 m2

Graphic view of the house from all sides


Location of the house on the plot

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