• Area Usable
    146 м2
  • Capacity
    718.49 м3
  • EUCO
    26.64 м2
  • Min Area Width
    15.9 м2
  • Roof angle
  • Number of rooms
  • Building height
    8.7 м
  • Area Construction
    158.98 м2
  • Area Roof
    207.54 м2
  • Garage
    0 м2

Description of the object

The Hidden Project is an ideal choice for owners of narrow plots interested in building a modern home. It is addressed to investors who value spacious interiors, privacy and full comfort of use. The building was based on a simple block, in front of which a single-storey garage was planned. It covers from the main entrance providing a sense of privacy and isolation from the noise of the street. At the same time, the forward garage is a very interesting diversification of the whole structure. An uncomplicated roof with a gabled form, directly affects the ease of making the truss and low costs of coverage. The hoods were given up in it, which gives the building a modernist character. The Hidden Project is a one-storey building with an attic, which allowed visible division of the residential part into the day and night zone. Open kitchen with a free-standing, long table top allows easy organization of work while preparing meals. The larder taken into account is a great place to store your supplies and kitchen equipment. A large lounge area consisting of a living room and dining room, allows you to organize larger parties for family and friends. The spaciousness of the interior is enhanced by a glass window, almost the entire length of the wall. The large window integrates the living room with a terrace and garden and perfectly illuminates the interior. The balcony above it means that in the summer, when the sun is high above the horizon, the living area does not heat up. People working remotely from home will appreciate the presence of an additional room on the ground floor. On this floor there is also a utility room and a separate toilet. The attic has been exceptionally functionally designed due to the separation of the marital zone from the children's rooms. In the parents' bedroom, the architect included a private bathroom and a dressing room. On the other side of the stairs there are two rooms, a bathroom and a wardrobe for children. Such a system makes that during the day the whole family can integrate in a large living room, while in the morning and evening everyone can enjoy their own space. The Hidden house project was designed as an energy-efficient building standard and provides for the use of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. In addition, a very interesting solution is a balcony railing made of photovoltaic panels. These solutions significantly affect low operating costs and will certainly be appreciated by people who value an economical and at the same time ecological lifestyle.

Floor plan project Hidden - Ground floor plan

  • 1 vestibule
    4,16 m2
  • 2nd corridor
    13,51 m2
  • 3 living room + dining room
    35,27 m2
  • 4 kitchen
    12,33 m2
  • 5 pantry
    2,5 m2
  • 6 room
    8,03 m2
  • 7 wc
    2 m2
  • 8 pom. business
    4,38 m2
  • 9 garage for one unit.
    28,29 m2
  • together
    110,47 m2

Floor plan project Hidden - Loft projection

  • 1 corridor
    7,13 m2
  • 2 rooms
    24,46 m2
  • 3 bathroom
    3,75 m2
  • 4 wardrobe
    3,79 m2
  • 5 room
    10,93 m2
  • 6 room
    10,93 m2
  • 7 bathroom
    4,06 m2
  • 8 wardrobe
    4,04 m2
  • together
    69,09 m2

Location of the house on the plot

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