APS 217 + 2G

  • Area Usable
    123 м2
  • Capacity
    450 м3
  • EUCO
    0 м2
  • Min Area Width
    27.47 м2
  • Roof angle
  • Number of rooms
  • Building height
    7.88 м
  • Area Construction
    235.6 м2
  • Area Roof
    339.6 м2
  • Garage
    0 м2

Description of the object

A spacious one-story house for a family of 4-5 people that values ​​the comfort of living on one level. The entrance to the house, under the arched arcade, leads to a large vestibule with wardrobes and further to a large hall. From the front side there is a comfortable kitchen with a pantry. A spacious living room with a fireplace and a covered terrace is located deep inside the house. Between the kitchen and the living room - dining room in the bay window. Children's bedrooms are located in the back of the house, which provides them with the necessary isolation from the evening socializing of their parents. Married bedroom - from the front. In the place of the centrally located wardrobe, you can locate the stairs to the attic, which can be turned into an attic with additional bedrooms. Passage to the garage and boiler room - through the small vestibule. The extensive boiler room has space for garden or tourist equipment. A version of the project with a single-car garage is available.

Floor plan of the APS 217 + 2G project - Ground floor projection

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