104 BT

  • Area Usable
    121.1 м2
  • Capacity
    463.02 м3
  • EUCO
    0 м2
  • Min Area Width
    27.89 м2
  • Roof angle
  • Number of rooms
  • Building height
    7.82 м
  • Area Construction
    211.4 м2
  • Area Roof
    343.4 м2
  • Garage
    0 м2

Description of the object

The classic shape of the 104 BT domain was created with a view to 4-5, and after the attic adapted to even a 6-7-person family. The vestibule with wardrobe space opens to the day zone, consisting of a spacious living room combined with a dining room, located next to a separate kitchen with a pantry (the kitchen can also easily be changed into a dining room annexe). From the functional hall we have access to the bathroom, toilet and four rooms (one with a spacious wardrobe). Utility room, with room for gas stove and washing machine, accessible from vestibule. A large, unusually attic attic can be adapted for use, which further facilitates the Teriva ceiling design. There is a monolithic stairs to the attic. The design has its own version in which the construction solution is prefabricated trusses. The project as a standard additionally has the design of heating a fireplace with a water jacket. Visualization is a proposition of how a given house design and its surroundings can be arranged. The method of running the terrace, the shape of the walls and elements of small architecture such as pergolas, flower pots, etc. are not covered by the scope of the project. In connection with the above, on the construction project these elements may not be included in the design (see pergole) or their shape and way of running (size of terraces, profile of walls) may be changed.

Floor plan design Domain 104 BT - Ground floor plan

  • 1 vestibule
    4,8 m2
  • 2 hall
    9,4 m2
  • 3 kitchen
    10,1 m2
  • 4 pantry
    1,7 m2
  • 5 living room + dining room
    33,5 m2
  • 6 room
    10,3 m2
  • 7 bathroom
    8,3 m2
  • 8 rooms
    13,7 m2
  • 9 vestibule
    2,8 m2
  • 10 rooms
    11 m2
  • 11th room
    11 m2
  • 12 wc
    1,4 m2
  • 13 pom. business
    3,3 m2
  • 14 boiler room
    11,2 m2
  • 15 garage two rooms.
    33,2 m2
  • together
    165,7 m2

Floor plan design Domain 104 BT - Attic floor plan

  • 1st attic
    7,7 m2
  • 2nd attic
    32,8 m2
  • 3rd attic
    34 m2
  • together
    74,5 m2

Graphic view of the house from all sides


Location of the house on the plot

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